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As a result, when evaluating in this way, we find that plot A is more profitable in terms of cost, although at the transaction price, at first glance, it is more expensive

Here we find out another important detail: the technical conditions and the state of documents for real estate are reflected in the price, cost and value. The value of section A is that “you don’t have to run anymore.”

The expense method is always ideal when buying or selling private houses with a land plot, real estate for reconstruction or repair.

Expenditure valuation method - calculation of estimates for construction or repair. (Photo courtesy of

Using the comparative method, you can select houses that suit your price and cut off overpriced ones. But in order to understand the cost of a house, taking into account repairs, putting communications or documentation in order, you need to use the cost method of valuation, which will show which of the selected houses may end up being more expensive in cost.



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