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Assisted Virtual Learning Day Camp
Starting September 21, 2020

Supervised Distance Learning for grades 1st through 6th!



Skateland is offering a Assisted Virtual Learning Day Camp. What does this look like? Well, we understand you need to work to pay the bills and let's face it, it is a full time job alone ensuring your little ones are getting the best out of their learning. This is where we come in, we will provide a safe, clean and supervised facility to ensure your little ones have an optimal learning environment as well as supervisor to keep them on track!

We are following all Local, State and CDC guidelines to ensure your kids are safe!

Call Program Director, Connie Eisenzimmer, at 509-952-8412
or email

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There is a one time enrollment fee of $25.00

The average child care cost in Washington State is aproximately $920 a month, we are offering our Day Camp at a much more affordable rate!

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Please provide any learning materials your student may need.

IE: Books, pens, pencils, paper, ect.

Students will not be allowed to share materials for their health and safety.


If you have any ideas we would be happy to hear them. Contact our Program Director below to share!


Skateland is hiring some certified teachers and retired teachers to assist your students. Along with this, we are training staff to assist your children as well, however they will not be certified teachers.

Why not have all certified staff? We are assisting in the virtual learning and providing supervision and help where needed. Your student is not receiving their lessons from us, that is where their distance learning comes from.

Also, ALL STAFF MUST pass a background check.


If you need internet access, we have it available. If you have been provided a hotspot from the school, it may assist you in bringing it to get better connection speeds on especially high usage days. However, we have you covered and you are not required to bring your own connection.

Health and Safety!

We really thought this one through.

Upon Entry:  We have industry leading FACIAL RECOGNITION and Temperature Logging software. When you walk in, you will be required to pass a temp check through this device. Anyone that is flagged as having a high temperature will be denied entry to the facility. All persons entering will also be required to sanitize their hands before entry as well.


Inside the Facility:  With an enrollment cap of 100, we will have students spaced more than 7 feet apart! More than the CDC guidelines.

Our hand washing sinks are tuned to stay on for 30 seconds and will have staff stationed at these locations to ensure students wash until the water turns off!

Hand sanitizing units will be placed through the facility and highly encouraged to use throughout the day.

Don't worry, we have your health and safety as our TOP priority!

If you would like to enroll your child into this program please let us know! Have a question? Call Connie Eisenzimmer at 509-952-8412 today!

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