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Private Sessions

Call (509)575-6446 or

to book your private session, include your phone number so we can call you and give you a personalized conversation regarding private session rentals! 
Private Sessions are available on Friday Afternoons, Saturday Mornings & Afternoons, Sunday Afternoon and at other times subject to availability. Up to a two-hour session (depending on available time) is $350* for up to 40 skaters.
Additional skaters are $7.25 each.  Additional time (subject to availability)
is $75/half hour.
*$40 surcharge for groups bringing in outside food or beverages.

*sales tax is included in above prices


In the 70's Skateland was the place to be its nice to see that it still lives up to how I remember it. It was nice to have the place to ourselves for our large group to celebrate her 6th birthday everyone had a blast even great gramma in her 70 dusted off her skatesand joined the fun Thank you

Tammi Steinmetz

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